Pioneering Precision: Unveiling the Supplier WebPortal

#Understanding Client Needs

Feeleat, a prominent player in the food service industry, recognized the need for a streamlined and efficient process to manage their ingredient sourcing, order placement, and overall inventory management. With a diverse menu and a commitment to quality, Feeleat sought a comprehensive solution to ensure the seamless flow of ingredients from suppliers to their kitchen. They needed a centralized platform that could handle everything from ingredient planning to order placement, tracking, and reporting, thereby optimizing their operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Supplier WebPortal

#Order Placement

The Supplier WebPortal developed by CODT Technologies allows Feeleat to easily place orders with their suppliers, specifying the required ingredients and quantities through a user-friendly interface. This feature ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for manual order processing.

#Ingredient Planner

Feeleat can effectively plan their ingredient needs based on menu requirements and anticipated demand. The platform provides insights into ingredient availability, ensuring that Feeleat can maintain optimal inventory levels and minimize stockouts.

#Ingredient Details Check

 Feeleat has access to comprehensive information about each ingredient, including specifications, supplier details, and pricing. This transparency enables informed decision-making and ensures adherence to quality standards.

#Goods Received

Upon receipt of ingredients, Feeleat can easily verify the delivery against the placed order through the Supplier WebPortal. Any discrepancies can be quickly addressed, minimizing disruptions to operations.

#Pending Order Management

The platform allows Feeleat to track pending orders and take proactive steps to expedite delivery, ensuring timely fulfillment of customer orders and preventing delays.

#Time Tracking and Company Calendar

Feeleat can manage their schedules effectively through integrated time tracking and a company calendar feature. This functionality facilitates efficient planning and coordination of tasks within the organization.

#Reporting of Dish Performance

Feeleat can generate reports on the performance of dishes based on ingredient usage, customer feedback, and sales data. This insight allows Feeleat to optimize their menu offerings and cater to evolving customer preferences.

#QC Reports

The Supplier WebPortal includes quality control reporting features, enabling Feeleat to monitor the quality of ingredients received from suppliers and take corrective actions as needed to maintain high standards.


The Supplier WebPortal developed by CODT Technologies has revolutionized Feeleat's ingredient sourcing and management processes, providing a robust platform to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. With its array of features, including order placement, ingredient planning, inventory management, and reporting capabilities, the Supplier Web Portal has empowered Feeleat to optimize their supply chain, ensure quality control, and deliver exceptional culinary experiences to their customers. By understanding Feeleat's specific needs and implementing key features tailored to their requirements, CODT Technologies has delivered a customized solution that has significantly contributed to Feeleat's success in the competitive food service industry.


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