Streamlining Corporate Food Services through a Robust Web Portal


Introducing CODT Technologies groundbreaking customer order management app – your all-in-one solution for seamless kitchen operations! Imagine effortlessly taking customer orders, swiftly listing out the exact ingredients required, and seamlessly placing orders with suppliers, all in one centralized portal. With the recipes neatly organized on the website, preparing orders becomes a breeze. But here's the real game-changer – our app doesn't stop there. It masterfully coordinates the delivery process, assigning drivers their optimal routes and precise delivery timings. From fridge to doorstep, every step of the culinary journey is expertly managed, ensuring a streamlined and efficient operation. CODT Technologies s web portal  isn't just about managing orders; it's about transforming your kitchen into a well-oiled, customer-satisfying machine. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to culinary harmony with CODT Technologies.

#Company Management

Take control of your company with features like creating and managing company profiles, fridges, and transactions. Associate tablets with fridges, implement company codes of conduct, and configure settings for payment gateways and dish types, all in one place.

#Employee Management

Efficiently manage your fridges by associating them with specific companies. Keep track of company-related information, jars, flash sales, and clear out fridges effortlessly. Our web portal simplifies employee management, making your business operations smoother than ever.

#Marketing Management

Elevate your marketing game with tools to manage blogs, flash sales, bonuses, and notifications. This Portal empowers you to create engaging content, boost sales, and keep your customers informed and excited about your offerings.


Stay on top of your business with detailed reports. Generate invoices, track petrol purchases, monitor driver performance, assess weekly profitability, and plan ingredients effectively with our comprehensive reporting system.

#Combo Management

Create enticing combos for each week effortlessly. Our portal lets you manage and update combos, adding a dynamic touch to your menu and attracting more customers with innovative offerings.


Optimize your business planning with features covering menu planning, delivery scheduling, production planning, and route planning. Feeleat portal empowers you to streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.

#Stock Management

Keep your kitchen stocked and fridges organized seamlessly. Our portal  allows you to review fridge inventory, manage kitchen-to-fridge stocking, and ensure that your supplies are always at the right place at the right time.


In partnership with Feeleat, CODT technologies has not just streamlined its operations but has achieved unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. The web portal is a testament to how technology can transform the food industry, making every step from order to delivery a delightful experience.


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