Transforming Employee Meal Breaks with FEEL EAT

#Understanding the Client Needs

CODT Technologies began by closely collaborating with FeelEat to understand their vision and requirements. FeelEat wanted a user-friendly platform that not only showcased their diverse menu but also highlighted their values of quality, sustainability, and inclusivity. They sought to streamline the process of ordering and delivering meals while promoting an environmentally friendly approach.

Personalized Touch - Our Meals

The FeelEat website developed by CODT Technologies included several key features to enhance the user experience

#Menu Variety

The website showcased a diverse range of dishes, desserts, and drinks prepared by FeelEat's chefs, catering to various dietary preferences and cultural tastes.

#Simple Installation

Information on the website provided details on the easy installation process of smart fridges in clients' premises, emphasizing minimal disruption and quick setup.

#Environmental Sustainability

 FeelEat's commitment to sustainability was highlighted, with information on their use of reusable glass and ceramic jars for meal delivery and support for small regional producers.

#User-Friendly Interface

The website featured an intuitive interface for employees to browse the menu, place orders, and manage their account settings effortlessly.

#Supportive Initiatives

FeelEat's initiatives to support the community and reduce food waste were showcased, including partnerships with organizations like the Salvation Army and employment opportunities for people with disabilitie.


CODT Technologies successfully delivered a user-centric website for FeelEat, aligning with their client's goals of revolutionizing employee meal breaks with healthy and convenient options. By focusing on functionality, sustainability, and user experience, CODT Technologies contributed to the success of FeelEat in providing quality meals and fostering a sense of community and support among employees.


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