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Client Overview

Happy Bee, a prominent provider of nutritious meals for school children, collaborates with experienced chefs and dietitians to craft personalized menus that cater to the unique needs and preferences of young students. Operating in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland, Happy Bee is committed to delivering homemade, locally sourced, and eco-friendly meals.


Happy Bee faced the challenge of efficiently managing and communicating its diverse menu options, nutritional information, and accommodating various dietary restrictions and allergies for school children. The company needed a robust solution to streamline these processes while fostering transparency and communication with parents.


In Partnership of Happy Bee, CODT Technologies developed a state-of-the-art mobile application - the Happy Bee App. This app was designed to address the specific needs of both the company and its clients, providing an all-encompassing platform for menu management, nutritional information display, and seamless communication with parents.

Honey Bee


Client Profile

We've teamed up with CODT Technologies for our digital expansion, relying on them to launch innovative apps. Their commitment to excellence and seamless integration with our team has been crucial to our success.

CODT Technologies stands out for their ability to deliver comprehensive solutions, manage projects adeptly, and offer creative insights. They consistently exceed our expectations, showcasing technical prowess, forward-thinking strategies, and unwavering dedication to our vision. CODT Technologies isn't just a service provider; they're a valued partner who consistently goes above and beyond.

Marco Barboza

Co-Founder at HAPPY BEE

Key Features of the Happy Bee App

Automatic Order Generation
based on Allergies

The app features an automatic order generation system that considers each child's non-allergic food preferences. Allergies for each student are stored in the app, ensuring that orders are customized to meet individual dietary requirements.


Records are seamlessly integrated into the app, allowing the system to generate orders only for the present students. If a student is marked absent for the day, the app ensures that their food order is not generated. Order Management:

Student Allergy Tracking

The app maintains a comprehensive record of students' allergies, allowing for precise customization of meal orders to avoid allergens and ensure the well-being of each child.


The Partnership between CODT Technologies and Happy Bee has resulted in an innovative solution that not only meets the company's operational needs but also enhances the overall experience for parents and school children. The Happy Bee App stands as a testament to how technology can revolutionize the way we approach child nutrition and meal management in educational settings.


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